The Starting Point: You & Your Family

With a commitment to excellence as the foundation, how do we move forward in ways that clearly differentiate Sterling from other wealth management providers and lead to long term client relationships?

  • Never will we make recommendations without understanding your goals, priorities and preferences, the people who are important to you, the causes about which you care.
  • From that understanding comes the blueprint for preserving the wealth you've created and managing its growth, during your lifetime and across generations.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals and support staff with expertise in various facets of financial planning, investment management, fiduciary services, private banking and risk management.
  • We also partner with your other designated advisors including attorneys, accountants and other outside specialists to ensure optimum coordination and integration.

The Framework: Built Around You

Each specialty within the comprehensive strategy is important - but only when there is seamless coordination and partnership centered around your objectives does the full power of the overall strategy achieve optimal results.

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